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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Flat Stanley's Twilight Adventure

Recently my little niece who lives in Washington sent me her Flat Stanley, well a Flat Chloe to be exact because that's my nieces name. 
I know too cute! 
Anyway, she wanted me to take her little flatty on an adventure because her third grade class is learning about U.S Geography.  Awesome right?!  Oh, wait if you are wondering who or what a Flat Stanley is here's a link to help get you up to speed:.  Flat Stanley   =o)

At any rate, I was super excited when I found out she wanted ME, well me and my daughter, to take her little FS on an adventure.  However, I am not sure if my niece was ready for or knew what kind of adventure I would take her little FS on, although right away I knew what kind of adventure she was gonna go on!  

One of the first things I did though when I got my little niece's FS was take her picture in Our Twilight Corner and give her a new Team T-shirt as well... =o)  
She was looking good! And loving her Team Edward bracelet too.. ha ha
I couldn't help myself with this next pic.  
NOT that this photo went to my niece's school or anything, but we had to replicate a little Breaking Dawn moment... ha ha  
We have a feather pillow with a tiny hole in it and well, oopsy, some feathers just flew out all over her..ha ha
Anyhooo, the next morning we got all our Flatty's ready and took off on our Twilight Adventure for the day. Flat Edward, and Flat Chloe were safely buckled in the backseat.  Cause that's how we roll!  ha ha  
Awww, don't they look cute! 
We ended up taking our little Flat Chloe to the Stone Cliff Inn in Oregon City, Oregon.  Behind this restaurant  is where they shot parts of the movie Twilight.  
Now I am not totally sure if my niece even knows what Twilight is all about, but I am hoping after she gets her FS back with all her adventure photo's her mommy will let her watch it; if she has not already.  =o)
Anyhooo, we made sure our little Flat Chloe stood in the same spots as where they filmed the "Loin and the Lamb" scene in Twilight, and where Edward showed Bella he "SPARKLED" liked diamonds.  Awww, who doesn't love a little sparkle now and then?  =o)
We even dangled her, I mean held her gently,  in the same spot as the scene where Edward is warning Bella about how dangerous he really is. 
Where he tells her he is......
"I'm the worlds most dangerous predator. Everything about me invites you in.
My voice, my face, even my smell.  As if I would NEED any of that. 
As if you could out run me. 
As if you could fight me off.  I'm designed to kill". 

Of course this doesn't matter to love struck Bella or any of us for that matter... ha ha  =o)  Whoop whoop, no way man LET'S ALL SPARKLE TOGETHER!!!!  HA HA 
Anyway, its a beautiful spot whether you are a fan or not.  I highly recommend you stopping by if you are ever in the area.  It's very surreal, and kind of has a magical feel to it as well.  We just love it, and so did our Flat Chloe.. tee hee
When we were done at the Stone Cliff Inn we stopped off at the Carver Cafe which is across the river located in Damascus for a bite to eat.    
Ha ha get it?  A bite to eat.... Ok never mind... lol 
Steak and berry cobbler was not what our little Flat Chloe had in mind though.  
She wanted a Spinach salad, and a chocolate shake.  =o)
We had a great time that day, and look we even found a Shiny Silver Volvo parked out front of the Cafe as well.. 
Wow,how more Twilight can you get then that?  

Anyway, my daughter and I had a fantastic time hanging out and taking my little niece's Flatty on a Twilight adventure. I hope she has just as much fun reading about our adventure as we had doing it for her.  

Twilight aside there is nothing more special than hanging with your kids, and enjoying each others company.  I highly recommend it to everyone and anyone who has children.  They are only kids once ya know!  =o)  

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