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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Adding to Our Twilight Corner

Look what I got at F.Y.E the other day for 50% off!  Whoop whoop!  Love finding Twilight on sale... lol 
It's a beautiful Twilight movie holder.  Its made of cardboard, but it had magnets that help to keep the lid or side door closed, so its of ok quality.  I am sure if you are not rough on it, it will last a very long, long time in any Twilight Corner. 
It not only holds all your Twilight movies, but it also comes with New Moon the movie, and about 20 postcard size collector cards.  They are beautiful.  Nice size to have for any fan.  I Just fell in love with it and had to add it to my Corner.  Plus on the inside it has one of my favorite Twilight quotes ever!
Anyway, just wanted to share my find.  When I was at F.Y.E they had a ton,12-15, but I am sure they will be gone very soon like all Twilight items that go on sale. 

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