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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Thank you Leah Sky-Clearwater

A few weeks ago I received a very nice gift, a donation so to speak, from a very cool Twilight fan, who wanted to add a little something to Our Twilight Corner.   Julie Black runs a few Twilight fan pages on facebook and saw OTC and asked me if I would like to have her Eclipse trading cards.
I was like, "HECKA YA!"!!!  I am just sorry I have not been able to say a proper Thank you to her until now.
But Thanks Julie!!! WE love them, and they look AWESOME in Our Twilight Corner too! 
What's even sweeter is the fact that for Christmas my daughter, Savanna, got me a trading card collection album to keep them all in.  So now, not only are your cards Julie safe and sound, but we can show them off proper like and continue to add to them as we find more Twilight Treasures too... 

If you get a chance please check out all of Julies pages on facebook.  They ROCK!
Leah Sky-Clearwater
The Stories of Leah Clearwater gift & goodies
The Stories of Leah Clearwater

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  1. Yay!! That's awesome! You're going to be like me. Every time I want to take a pic and post I have to take it on the bed with the bedspread as the background! LOL :)