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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Did you see the sneak peek of Breaking Dawn part 2?!!

OME!!!!!  So what did you all think of the Sneak peek of Breaking Dawn part 2??? 
I don't know about you all, but the next 278 days until BD2 comes out will be a tough one for sure!
Here are a couple of the sneak peeks for ya in case you missed it.
This clip is fantastic because it has subtitles.  Which is nice because most of the clips I saw had a horrid echo to them.  I hope Summit release it for us in full HD though soon!  =o)

This other clip is cool because it has no echo to it, and I feel like we get a little closer look at Bella and Edward!  I don't know you be the judge.  =o)
Do you think they will show us the bath scene too?  Tee hee
Hey, wait a minuet didn't Rose and Alice clean Bella up while she was going through the change?  Haha, I think Edward MIGHT have other ideas when it comes to a bathing Bella! o.O  I like naughty Edward...lol 

Here is a screen shot of the note from Alice if you all were wondering what it said. 
I am pretty sure we all knew though. =o)

Oh man, I am so super excited!  Aren't you???   


  1. I so love your excitment ! when Im after a good giggle I go to u tube and watch your Love is my drug trailor !! thanks hun for the updates !! Im from the land of Auz. !! its nice to see whats happening eveywhere !

  2. I'm gonna go crazy waiting! This sneak peek is amazing! Of what we can see of the cottage it looks beautiful!

  3. I know kitabob! I am super excited now even more!!! Yay!