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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Portland's Polar Plunge 2012 & Breaking Dawn part 1???

Today a good friend of mine took the Polar Plunge into the Columbia River, and I think she is AMAZING for doing this!!!   

Well she's NUTS too, but I do love her anyway!

She is so AWESOME for doing this because for one in the Pacific Northwest I am NOT getting into 30 degree or cooler water for no one.. Nope, sorry too chilly for me.  Yes I am a wimp, and I am ok with that! You are crazy Apryl, so good job. You win!  =o)  
Secondly, she is wonderful because she actually got into the Columbia River.  o.O

Oh you all have no idea what goes on in that water, or falls into that water and because of that unknown I stay clear of swimming, touching or even eating anything that has been in that river, EVER... Eeeewwwwwwwwwwwwwww, yucky... 
So yes she is a brave women in my book.  Just make sure you go through the decontamination process properly will ya Apryl.  I would really hate for you to grow a third eye or a tail. ;/

I mean Edward Cullen himself had better be in that river waiting for me before I will set foot in it.  
Yeah just like this too!  Ha ha 
However, since Edward is NOT real, and sadly only a fictional character, there is no chance in heck this will ever take place!

  Yes the Columbia River Gorge is very pretty, but it's still not something I am getting into anytime soon or at all.  It can be at times very filthy with who knows what or who, yes who, floating in it at any given moment  o.O  
Okay, okay, so I might be a tiny bit over reacting, and there might NOT be dead bodies floating around like ducks on most days, but its still dirty and very cold to me, so its a ----big NOPE, when it comes to taking a little dip of any kind in it.  

Anywhoo, I think my friend is AMAZING for doing this, as are all the Polar Plungers, because it was all done for charity not just for personal satisfaction.!!!  So good job everyone!

HOWEVER, what I found really cool, and kind of ironic is when my friend texted me photos of her chilly experience today, she showed me this little gift she won while standing around waiting to run in and freeze her buns off.  
Yeah kind of cool that she won this Breaking Dawn part one baseball hat at an event where everyone is ice cold!    Tee hee
Anyway, I have not seen them before, and now I think I will have to plot the removal of this Twilight Treasures from her possession when she is not looking.   Tee hee

No, really its funny how she is off doing something good and kind, and I have a Twilight moment via through her.  I just love it when that happens. 

Although, I truly believe the BD1 hat would look more awesome in Our Twilight Corner then on her head!  HA HA, I am just kidding Apryl!

Anywhoo, if you would like to donate to the Special Olympics then check out this link: Polar Plunge.  

Its always better to give then to receive no matter what time of year it is! =o)


  1. What you don't realize lady, is that I actually won that hat for you! So thanks for the shout out and don't worry, the decontamination process is nearly complete!

    Love ya girlie!

    Apryl :)

  2. Oh! Well then I don't have to jack it from you do I Apryl! =o) Thanks!!!! lol