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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Twilight Beauty Review from OTC!

We now have all the Twilight Beauty products. Yay!
Do you?
I love the curling iron.  No real complaints or issues with it.  Actually, we really like them all for the most part. 

At Christmas time I found the blow dryer, and flat iron on clearance, and waited until I had used them all for a while before I gave a shout out about them.  I wanted to make sure they worked well, and if they were worth  all the hype.  
We even have all the brushes too.  We have those in large part to my TwiBFF, Lisa, who sent us Edwards and Rosalie's brushes a few months back as gifts.  Yes, she is just too kind to us.  

Anyway, then I found the rest on clearance one day at K-mart which made me feel like I had won the lottery!  More so because I found them not so much because they were marked down.
I have to say the only negative comments I have is about the blow dryer.  Its kind of bulky, and the on off switch is not in a good location.  When I use it I sometimes hit the off switch about five times before I am done which is sooo annoying.  It's also a little on the heavy side depending on what attachment you are using with it.  

Plus I kind of wished they had made the cord retractable too.  However, all in all they are a very AWESOME, well made product which are not only fun to have in any Twi-collection, but they are functional as well.  That's always a plus in my book.  

I give them two fangs up, and would suggest if you find them on sale/clearance to pick them up... 
Well worth the money.   =o)

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