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Saturday, February 11, 2012

I think I have a Fairy SPARKLY Twi-Mother!!!

Weeeelllll, --she is by far NOT my mother at all, not even close, but she is a blessing I never thought I would ever have in my life.  
NOT that all my friends are NOT blessings as well, but a TWI-BFF is sooooo hard to find these days.  I feel I am very blessed in a different sparkly way then with my other good buddies I have.  

I mean everyone is unique and I love them all for their own uniqueness.  However, and all us Twilighters out there know this one... A TwiBFF is a wonderful asset to have in your Corner of the world when you need to defend Edwards honor to a Twihater or two. And for that I thank you Lisa!

Anyhoo, once again I received a surpise package the other day from my very wonderful and kind Twibuddy Lisa who runs the Twilighters Dream page.  
When we opened up the box to our surprise guess what we found hidden amongst all the tissue paper and gift wrapping? 
We found a few very early and amazingly fantastic Valentines Day gifts which she SHOULD NOT have done, but we love her for them anyway.  Thanks again Lisa, you ROCK!

Just so you know Lisa really is more like an Alice in my book then a Bella.  
Just Sayin.... =0)

Her kind, loving, and funny notes not only make us smile, but laugh out loud all the time. 

She even sent my son, Kolton, a Twilight Valentines which I am not completely sure his smile was actually sincere or not, but its a smile well enough so I will take it. lol 
I was so shocked though to finally get the Breaking Dawn V-day tin.  Love it!!  Wasn't sure if I was going to open it or not, but guess what?  

We opened it.  
Yeah, and the gummy's were yummy and the necklace is very cool!   I will wear it to work on Monday. 

Even Dakota, Lisa's puppy, thought of us too. 
He sent our little doggy a V-day card as well.  Ha ha, it was awesome to see my hubbies face ask,"Who the heck is Dakota?"  I love it! 

Thanks again Lisa for all the FANTASTIC Twi-Treasures! 
 Gifts or NO gifts you are very AWESOME, and a joy to have around.  If only we were not separated by 3000 miles.  Miss you girl!  

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