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Saturday, February 11, 2012

It's Here, It's Here! Did you get your copy of Breaking Dawn part 1 yet?

So the Breaking Dawn part 1 DVD has been out for a little over 12 hours now in the USA... 
How many times have you watched it, so far?

Doesn't it feel so good to finally add it to your Twilight Collection?

Soooo, where and what did everyone do last night while waiting for midnight to roll around?  I hope you all had fun!?  I know I did!  I would have liked more Twi-friends with me,but it was cool.  I made my own party.  Tee hee 

I stopped by my local Wal-Mart to check out what they were doing or to see what they had displayed.  
It was cool I think... 

I heard their line was a mile long with Twifans waiting to get their copy of the Bella's Wedding dress edition.  
I ordered mine so I will have to wait a little while longer as well.  However, its not too late to order your copy if you didn't pick one up last night.  Follow the link: Breaking Dawn part one- Wal-Mart. 

I also stopped by Target and, whoop whoop, scored big time!.  Unfortunately, my Target was NOT doing a midnight party..
-- Booo!!! 
However, they did finally have out some Twilight Treasures!  YAY!!!
I was able to pick up some items I thought I would NEVER find.  Now I have some must needed party supplies for when we go to Forks for Stephenie Meyer Days this year.  Yay!!
If you hurry they still might have some cool items left.. --Hey, you never know!  =o)

Oh yeah, and trust me when I say, "I make my own party."  If you didn't already see from our facebook page last night it is apparently, ILLEGAL to drive like a "Cullen" our country. HA HA

Lucky for me, the "Charlie" who pulled me over let me off with just a warning.  However, my kind and loving son, snap a few photos of the event just in case I received a ticket or was incarcerated...
Nice eh? 
Yeah, I was feeling the love for sure after he told me that.  Although, it was still a very cool Twilight moment for me, so its all good.  Shhh, I am not telling anyone that though.. tee hee 

However, our final destination for the night was F.Y.E. and UGH, it seemed like it took FOREVER for midnight to hit!  After Savanna, my daughter, finally got home from work we ditched the boy, and off we went to stand in line with all the other HUGE Twi-Fans,,, or so we thought.

However, that was not the case at all.  >.<

We showed up at 11:50pm to F.Y.E, and were greeted by 5 other people standing in line.   Yep, 5! and we made it 7!  
Really pathetic, but nice for waiting.  I feel bad for the lady who runs the F.Y.E though.  She was really hoping for a large turn out.  I guess all the fans went to Portland, Oregon or maybe Forks?  My hope is Forks.. =o)
Although, the really cool part about being in a world where fans are scarcely around, is the fact that my name was first on the list for a drawing to win the Breaking Dawn banner F.Y.E had up, and planning to give away soon.  Yay!!!  
I hope I win it!  It will look FANTASTIC in Our Twilight Corner.  
Wellll, room... Twilight Room.  I feel I am out growning my Corner and or need more Corners to inhabit.. =o)  I will keep ya posted if we get lucky though...  
The best part of the DVD I received from F.Y.E was the cute little frame we got with our order.  Its got Bella and Edwards wedding photo in it and its kind of a peather-ish I guess you could say material.  Anyway, its only about 3X4 and will look AWESOME on my dresser... Yeah, I think I will put them on the Corner of my dresser for now and see if my hubby notices.  Probably not, so its all good.. =o) 

Anywhoo, I do miss all my Twi-Girls, and it would have been AMAZING to running around with them last night,,,, (they know who they are. -- *wink wink*), but all in all it was a fun night.  I had a great time with my kids, and I am glad I finally have my copy of this wonderful movie to add to Our Twilight Corner as well.  

Besides, you can't wait around for a Twi-life to happen.  If you love it, and want to go, then GO.  Go out and make your own Twi-Adventures because life goes on with or without you, so why wait?  =o) 

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