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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Happy soon to be Twilight Valentines Day from OTC!!!

Oh my SPARKLY Stars!!!  5 more days!!!  Almost 4 days now!!! Eeeek, so excited!!! 
The release of the Breaking Dawn part 1 DVD is around the corner, and so is Valentines day!!!  
Are you ready?!!  Do you have big release party plans?
 I know I am ready!!!  I am also ready for Valentines day as well!  Yay!!!   Finally was able to sit down, and working on my cards today!  =o) 
It's funny after opening the box I totally felt 9 years old again because these cards are so thin, and cheesy, but I LOVE them!

Anyway, I do hope you all have a great TwiV-day this year, and get to enjoy the evening with an Edward of your dreams too!  

I know what I will be doing that night for sure!  Tee hee, yep you guessed it.... Watching BD1! ha ha

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  1. i have those and already did my Valentine Cards for my love ones and its perfect! i loved it! hihihi ;))