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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Vintage Twilight New Moon Leather Pencil Case Pen Pouch

Over the last few years I have been accused of being obsessed with Twilight, especially when someone sees Our Twilight Corner.  However, honestly I have to say I think I have more of a shopping problem then anything. *BIG SMILE ON MY FACE*  
Although, I am ok with either one of those statements to tell ya the truth.  I personally like to say I am dedicated to my hobby not really obsessed, but whatever.   

I love Twilight, and I like to find really cool Twilight Treasures, and I am damn proud of it too!

Anywhoo, I wanted to share some of the Twilight Treasures I have picked up for Our Twilight Corner simply because I think they are really cool items, and it might help a fellow Twi-Fan out a bit too.  I adore finding Twi-items especially when they are handmade with Twi-love!  
However, I am pretty sure this pencil case is NOT handmade, but I picked it up for a steal and who wouldn't want to look cool with a Vintage Twilight New Moon Leather Pencil Case Pen Pouch?  

For me I was actually thinking of using it to hold make-up brushes in stead of pens or pencils because I am not artistic in that way at all.  I actually hate using a pencil, so yeah make-up would be a better choice. 

 The pouch came in this pretty cool case as well, and even though it might be made of plastic, and yes bad for the environment.  The creator of this item was very sneaky because they stamped the front and back with the Cullen crest and the word Twilight, so now I can't just throw it out.  
OH, NO its been marked, it stays with me now forever!  ha ha  
What's funny is the description of this item said "leather", but once you feel it you know its synthetic leather, so probably no harm came to any animals when making this item.  Haha, which is funny given the fact the Cullen's are "vegetarians".  
Although, it still rocks the softness, and lets face it, it's very cool looking as well, so I am ok with Pleather.. lol 
If you want to find this item, and more like it then follow the link here: New Twilight New Moon Leather Pencil Case Pen Pouch

Oh and just so you know buyer beware.  I do not know these people or work for them. I am only sharing what I have discovered in my TwiShopping travels.  Please shop at your own risk. 

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