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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Another cool Valentine's Day surprise for OTC!

TwiFan's are just the BEST!  

No really, most of the Twilighters I have run into are freakin AWESOME!  I love how we all enjoy making things, sending complete strangers cards, letters and gifts simply because we all LOVE the same Saga first, and then each other's friendship second.  =0)

It's FANTASTIC, and to me it's called: 
"Keepin the SPARKLE alive".

Anyhoo, today I received a very cool SPARKLY surprise in the mail that I just adore because it gave me a much needed giggle smile.  It really did make my day ladies!

It's a  handmade Valentine's Day card from a Twi-Fan who lives in Reno! Yay!!!
Front View
I love it! 
Thank you VERY much Carolyn and Kailyn!
 It's going straight into Our Twilight Corner for sure!
Thanks for KEEPIN THE SPARKLE ALIVE girls!!! =o)


  1. Love it !!! what a sweet Valentine !!

  2. Thanks Katrina. I thought it was very thoughtful too!