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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Keep Calm and Keep Watching Breaking Dawn!

Have you been watching BD1 all day?  
Do you find that you can't turn it off?  
Every time you watch it do you love it even more then you thought possible?

Don't worry you are completely Twi-Normal!

The best medicine for you right now is to just keep watching BD1 until that feeling of loneliness and despair dissipates from year heart and mind.  
=o) *giggle*

Don't worry you will get to the point where you can breath again, on your own, without having the movie playing in the background.  It just takes a little time, and continues viewings in order to get our SPARKLE factor back in order is all.  

Remember this happens after ever DVD of our beloved Twilight Saga is released.  We watch the movie until our eyes are so blood shot our family thinks they are bleeding or we have actually gone through some sort of "change".  lol

Remember you have been deprived of your TwiLove for nearly two and half months.  
That's been hard on all of us.  
You need to recharge your Twi battiers, and get that spark going again in your fantastic SPARKLE is all.

Remember you are just Keepin the SPARKLE alive! 
Now hit the play button again will ya!  
Ha ha ha, enjoy!  ;)

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