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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Twilight New Moon Breaking Dawn Stamp Postcard Set

So I am discovering I am more of a shopaholic then obsessed with Twilight however, to some of my friends and family they feel there is no fine line for me between the two "problems" as they like to call it.  I beg to differ with them because I like to call it a "HOBBY",  but whatever I enjoy both shopping and Twilight and yes combining them might seem like I need to go rob one of the Mints, however its all good and with each find comes the joy of sharing with all of you.

On that note, here is another very cool Twi-find that might be a must have for your Twi-heart too.  =o)
Its a Twilight postcard stamp set, and its very TwiTastic!  I love that fact that its made out of all wood. Classy I must say.   I am not sure if its handmade, probably not, but it feels that way.  The nice thing about it the fact that it's not plastic or something Summit shoved at us in there desperate attempt to increase their pockets even more. 
 No Summit doesn't make us buy any of their products, but I am sorry did you all not see some of the crap they came out with with BD1?  Some of our beloved characters looked a mess.  To me , Carlisle looked like a tool with his side combed, orange hair of his or how about the book bags, wallets and water bottles?  Ugh... I have NOT bought any of those items and probably will not until they are like .50 cents or free.  I just feel other fans or companies out there do a better job and or have more creative idea's when it comes to Twilight because they put there TwiLove into the items they are making.  
Sometimes it shows is all. =o)
This stamp set even comes with 24 Twilight post cards as well.  However, I am not so sure if I can bring myself to use the post cards.  The are way too pretty.  However, one of these days I will use the stamps though.  
This I know for sure.  
Trust me I am not one of those who buys a Twilight Treasure, and never ever uses it.  I love to use, wear and display my TwiTreasures.  I am proud of my "hobby".  LOL  
I'm very dedicated to keeping the SPARKLE alive.  
I have no issues or hesitations as to what others think about it or how they perceive me either.  
Because I LOVE TWILIGHT!  =o)
Anyway, its a beautiful set up, and I had no issues receiving it from China which was kind of cool if you think about how far back writing/calligraphy and art work dates back to begin with.  I like to think I am making purchases from other Covens all over the world anyway.  Silly I know, but fun.
If you buy the set let me know how you like it.  I would love to find out.  Enjoy!
Also, here is the link if you want more info about it: 

Oh and just so you know buyer beware.  I do not know these people or work for them. I am only sharing what I have discovered in my TwiShopping travels. 

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