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Sunday, February 12, 2012

2011 Twilight New Moon Diary Journal Scheduler Planner

  Here is another fantastic item I found a few months back that I just love.  I think when I bought it I just put a bid for it, and only paid about $15.  Not much more though I think.   
I try to be thrifty with my Twilight purchases. 
It's beautiful though and it makes a wonderful addition to the rest of my Twi-Treasures I currently have.   I think what I will do is use it more like a tiny scarp book or a post card holder.  Not sure yet.  
I kind of just like having it on my bookshelf for now.  Looks good next to one of my many sets of the Saga anyway. =o)
Oh yes it says 2011 and yes 2011 is over, but the journal does go until 2012 however, its blank and I bet I could, if I wanted too, make it for 2013.  Just not sure if I want to mark it up that's all.  I know, I know I said in an earlier post I like to use my Twi-Treasures, but just not sure if I will use this one. =o)
 This item did take a while to get to me however, once I contacted the seller he was very nice about the delay.  He told me he should have e-mailed me sooner, but he was working on including a surprise for me, so that was the reason for the delay.  
You see I am new to Ebay, damn Iphone app., so the wait didn't bother me as much as I thought I was getting ripped off ya know.  However, I wasn't getting ripped off, and I didn't get ripped off, and I like Twi-surprises so I was ok with the wait.
Anyway, it was worth the wait though because the seller, Jason, included this kind note with a whole page of Twilight stickers for me too.  I thought that was a pretty nice surprise indeed.  Thanks Jason.  Now make some 2013,2014 and 2015 books will ya!?  lol 

Here is a link to this item if you would like to check it out: 2011 Twilight New Moon Diary Journal Scheduler Planner

Oh and just so you know buyer beware.  I do not know these people or work for them. I am only sharing what I have discovered in my TwiShopping travels. 

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