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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Hunger Games Movie Companion and Tribute Guide are out!

Oh before you look any further let me say this...


Anywhoo, while I was waiting to get my Breaking Dawn part 1 DVD last Friday I saw that the Hunger Games Illustrated Movie Companion and Tribute Guide were out.  
Whoop whoop!
So yes, I picked them up.  
I had to!  We only have 40 days until the movie comes out and I loved these books!  

I don't LOVE them as much as Twilight, but its a great story.  Nice easy read, and if you have NOT read them yet you soooo need too!  

Anyway, the Movie Companion and the Tribute Guide are awesome! They really complete my set. Yay!

 I think what I love most about the movie companion is the fact that, and here is the spoiler part, we get to see a sneak peek of the costumes the citizens of the Capital wear!  I was super duper excited to see this page in the book! 
I just love all the bright colors which is how I pictured them all to look like anyway when I was reading the series.  
Love it.  
I cannot wait to see this all on the big screen though!

The Tribute Guide is very cool as well because it has really nice full page head shot of all the Tributes, and a small bio on them as well.  (Very small, but its there.)  

Plus it talks about the weapons, with photos, the training center, the remake center and much, much more. After reading through both of these I feel like I am ready for the movie to come out now.  The story is once again fresh in my head, and it's always nice to have a fresh mind. Ha ha, no comments on that one please. lol 
Wow, look how made-up Katniss and Peeta are.  I am sure that wont last long. Eeek!

At the end of the Tribute Guide you'll see this sad photo of Katniss and Cinna.  If you have read the books you know what happens next.  *Tear Tear*.  
Anyway, they are out, and I feel if you can pick them up on sale its worth it.  Personally, I like having a full set to the books series I love or like a lot, so it was worth it to me.  
My next purchase will be the MockingJay Pin, and that will be it.  I am NOT going to start a Hunger Games Corner.  I am good!  Twilight is it for me.  Anyway I will keep ya posted if I am able to pick up that bad boy... =o)

Click here for more Hunger Games Merchandise if you would like to see all that is out there. 

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