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Saturday, February 25, 2012

I have a SHINY new VOLVO!!!

I know, I know this is not what you were expecting, but sadly I think this is about as 
close as I am ever gonna get to a SHINY new anything at this... 

However, its cute and I have to start somewhere ya know.  

Thanks to Hobby Harbour and Ebay I found one and I love it!
What's really fabulous about my "NEW" car is that it looks fangtastic next to all my 
other Twilight Treasures I have in OTC, and it's SPARKLY too!  
Might be hard to see its sparkle, but I posted more photos on our facebook page as well. 

Who knows maybe someday I will get a REAL Volvo, and be able to pick up my Twi-friends, 
and run off to Forks again in it!  

I mean a girls gotta dream right?  
What's the point in life if you can't dream, and have fun?  
Remember, NEVER give up on your SPARKLY DREAMS and 
always be kind to others while having fun!

Keep Calm 
SPARKLE on!!!  Tee hee

Disclaimer: Buyer be wear. I do not work for or even know Hobby Harbour I just found a cool find.. So shop at your own risk!

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