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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Welcome Mr. and Mrs. Cullen!

Our Twilight Corner is growing!  
The Newlyweds have finally come to live in Our Twilight Corner, 
and I really think they like it here too.  
I mean lets face it they are surrounded by a lot of familiar items.. lol 

WOW, look at the details in Barbie Bella's dress... 
Too cute!
Ok, so its NOT perfect, and I think its a few sizes to big for Barbie Bells, 
but its still beautiful.  

I love the wedding rings. 
Edward is wearing his as well, however I am NOT taking them out 
of the boxes, so sorry can't really show you..  

YES, I am going to be that kind of Barbie Mommy... lol 

Anyway, I have to say though I really don't see the resemblance 
between Edward Cullen and Barbie Cullen.
  I'm actually very disappointed in Mattel for making such a NON-Sparkle Edward, or 
I guess I should blame Summit, but either way I really don't think the doll does Edward justice.  
However, they are married, so I had to have them both... 
I mean no on splits up Edward and Bella... lol 

Anyway, I just wanted to share my new cute sparkle couple with you all because 
it's always fun to find Twilight Treasures, but its never fun when your 
family doesn't understand the joy you find in it.  I am sure most of you can relate to this as well.

Anywhooo, not sure if my sparkly newlyweds will stay at the top of Our Twilight Corner, but for now they look good  right where they are at.  And honestly, until I can get my Twilight Room cleaned up, organized and gain some control over all my "stuff"  I have no where else to put them.. lol  

Ok, well I will keep ya posted on where the Newlyweds end up, but please NEVER forget to always Keep the SPARKLE alive in everything and anything we do!!! =o)

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