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Monday, March 5, 2012

The Story of Keep Calm and Carry On

I love this!  
Its a must watch!  

I know for myself this little saying has given me hope in times of need, and I love it even 
more knowing it was made to do just that for the folks who lived through some pretty 
tough and scary times back in the 1930's.  

It's always nice to hear that something we 
love now has a piece of history with it, and wasn't just something that
 was made up on facebook or Twitter... 
Can you imagine how the book store owner felt when she learned about her little poster?  
I mean what an awesome find since there were only 2 and half million made back then. 
Very cool!

Nowadays, they have a web site where you can make all kind of Keep Calm posters at. 

Check out this link to make yours... =o)
I would love to move to Forks, so this one gets my vote for sure! 

Although, when I found this little baby on the net I just about SPARKLED all over myself... 
Ha ha
I bet the British Government didn't see this one coming now did they?! 

Anywhoo, I do agree with the narrator of the video because for me it is the words on
the poster that I find most enchanting.  I mean who would have thought that 73 years later
you could be inspire, and get your mojoe going just by slapping some fun sayings on a color poster with the crown of King George the 6th above them?
It's kind of crazy I know, but it does help for whatever reason.

I am particularly fond of this one myself.  Because Keep Calm and Sparkle on is just a great way to say have fun and enjoy life.
Because lets face it life is too short to let anyone dull you down; EVER!

Always remember to Keep the SPARKLE alive!!!

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