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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Twilight Photo Film Cells Limited Edition Collector Cards

Welllll, here are some more Twi-Treasure I picked up, and had to share with you all.  
I know what you are thinking and I am still ok with being a shopaholic.  I have said that before, and no -really when it comes to Twilight I am just fine with that mark... ha ha 

Anyway, these Twilight poster photo film cells are freaking AWESOME!  
Its probably hard to tell from my photo's, but the seller has great shots, and info on his Ebay page: Bond Gallery, so please go there for more info.. ok 
 As you can probably guess I bought my favorite scenes from Twilight! 
*SIGH* love the first kiss!
Did you know that Kristen Stewart wore Catherine Hardwicke's T-shirt in the bedroom kissing scene. 
Yeah, Kind of cool right? 

Did you also know that Robert Pattinson and KStew, rehearsed the "Love Scene/Meadown scene''on Catherine's own bed when Rob flew in from England to audition for  Hardwicke?  
Yeah, kind of crazy eh? 
I would have never washed my sheets again! 
Who can forget Prom?!  
My second favorite scene from Twilight.  Well I think when it comes to Twilight I love all the scenes, 
but if you are reading this post then well you get me me, right?!! 

 Did you know the dress Kristen Stewart wears in the prom scene only cost twenty dollars, and the suit Robert Pattinson wore was the most expensive item of clothing from the entire shoot.

What's funny about these little babies is the fact that I am pretty sure I only bought three of these film cells, but five showed up.  
I think the seller also gave me a Twi-Surprise by adding two more for me to have which I highly appreciate because I am probably not going to buy the whole set.  :(  
Trust me.. - I WANT to buy them all, but $$ ya know... 
Either way he either gifted me extra film cells or I just forgot I went wild and crazy on Ebay one day. lol 

Anyway, I plan on putting these in a nice frame, and hang them in my soon to be Twilight Room.  Yeah, Our Twilight Corner is getting very full, and I must do something about it, and soon.  
It's either make my office in to a Twilight Room or open a my own Twilight store which I would love to do, but I don't think I would make any money.  I wouldn't sell a thing!
I'd keep it all.  Ha ha 
Anyway, check them out yourself.  Like I said its a pretty awesome find. 

Have fun and always keep the SPARKLE alive! =o)

Oh and just so you know buyer beware.  I do not know these people or work for them. I am only sharing what I have discovered in my TwiShopping travels.

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  1. love these!! definately want some :-) xx