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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Breaking Dawn - Part 2 teaser trailer sneak peek

Are you ready?

Did you miss it?  
Well watch a few more times cause 
Bella's very fast!  tee hee
What did you think?  Wow right?! =o)

My thoughts were.... it went too fast!  No pun intended...
I know, I know it was only a quickie anyway, but still.  Who cares if we still 
have 240 days to go. Ugh... Oh and I did not expect Jacob to be 
so calm still about Bella, but other than that 

It was just enough to wet my whistle for sure. 
However, I can't wait until we get the full trailer this weekend when its unveiled 
right before we all see The Hunger Games movie.  Whoop whoop 
That's if you are going to see HG.. 

Oh, I hope we get to see Renesmee as well this weekend!!!  Eeeekkk  

Although, if you are not into the Hunger Games then you will have to wait until 3.26.12 when the 
trailer will be available for all to see then!  

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