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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Happy April Fools day! I am loving April so far aren't you?

Have you change your Breaking Dawn Pt 1 Calender today to April yet?

I was almost afraid to change mine over because I LOVED March so much, but once I saw our BOYS, or I should say, "Our MEN" all fears faded away.  Kee hee   =o)
I love how both Breaking Dawn Pt 1 calenders have Edward and Jacob as the month of April.  
So no matter which one you have its a win-win situation now isn't it?  =o)

Below is a poem I had to post because it actually reminds me of something 
Renesmee would say, or write for some reason.  

I can picture her looking out the window of her little cottage in the woods, watching the rain fall to the forest floor while she waits for Jacob to come be by her side.  =o)

Anyway, have a great Sunday, a fantastic April, and always remember to 
keep the SPARKLE alive!

April Showers Bring May Flowers

The day begins all sunny and bright;
It fills a young heart entirely with delight.
Then, suddenly the sky turns dark,
Like a horror movie during the approach of a killer shark.

Clouds turn from that cottony white
TO a dark grey that is as black as night.
Next, that smell pollutes the air,
That smell that only comes this often one month a year.

The scent of damp leaves creeps nearer and nearer
The smell of a major rainfall now becomes clearer.
The air pressure begins to fall;
I feel like I am carrying, on my shoulders, the entire shopping mall.

Now, as I stand outside in only my new sundress
I realize that I have left my arms vulnerable for goose bumps to caress.
I can hear the wind howl all around,
Sounding like a livid cat shrieking at a hound.

I flee to my house as that soft pitter patter begins to fall
Then grows to the great Civil War, refusing to stop at all.
I feel my cheery mood begin to disperse
From happy-go-lucky to something much worse.

Outside, the only thing I can hear is drip drop, drip drop.
Inside my heart, the only thing I can feel is flip flop, flip flop.
I try to play a game, then read an old novel
But, to my dismay, the only thing I want to do is find Mother Nature and grovel.

Finally, when I begin to loose hope of reaching the end,
Mother Nature decides to send a glow from around the bend.
I can see the gentle breeze blow the storm clouds away
And throw the reins on the rain to hold it at bay.

When I look outside, the sun begins to shine
And I look in that garden that I call mine.
From the ground peaks a little button of green
And I know that May’s breathtaking violet crocuses will soon be seen. 
~Stephanie Selleck

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