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Saturday, April 21, 2012

'Twilight' star Kellan Lutz wants in on 'Catching Fire'

Kellan Lutz In Catching Fire?? 
OHMYGOSH, that would be FANTASTIC!

"It seems Kellan Lutz is ready to make the move from Twilight Saga vampire to The Hunger Games tribute.

Lutz, who famously said he wanted to audition for the first Hunger Games film but was told there "could not be any 'crossover' between the two franchises," has reinstated his interest for the second film, Catching Fire.

Speaking to E! Online, he said, "I got hooked reading all those books . . . I remember before they ever started making a movie, I was like, 'I would love to be a part of this!' . . . [Being cast in Catching Fire]'d be really special."

Among the Hunger Games fan community, Lutz's name (along with many, many others) has been tossed around for the character "Finnick Odair." There's even a Facebook page devoted to the idea."

Thanks Twilight Examiner for the update!

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