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Friday, May 11, 2012

6 Days until Florida!!!

I started packing tonight for my trip to Florida to visit my TwiBFF Lisa!  
I am sooo stinkin excited!!!

Yay, is what I should be saying however, I just realized tonight
 I am pretty "challenged" when it comes to packing... 

I have not been on a plane since 2003, and I HATE packing!  UGH!!!!
I always over pack.  
I can't decide on outfits.  
Nothing ever seems to fit in there just the way it should.  
Oh, and what are the TSA rules, and regulations now about flying because 
gone are the days of pack and go!  

I am trying to study them, but I feel this is one test I may fail.  
Too many rules! 
I hate rules!  

I just want to have FUN!!!

You see this trip is my Mothers day gift to ME, and I just want to fly to Florida visit my friend, meet some new ones and see the sights. 
However, its really hard to just pack a bag, and get on a plane these days which stinks!

Although, I sure as heck wouldn't want Lisa to bail me out of airport jail because I took too many cans of SPARKLE spray, a suspicious looking "doll" on board, aka Pocket Edward, and a 12 ounce bottle of shampoo! 
OME, ridiculous to some degree if you me.  

Yes, PE is coming with me to FL!  kekeke  Look he is helping me pack too!  Awww, how sweet!
Just let me say this, I am not pist at TSA or the airlines.  
I am ticked at the dorks who try to put bombs in there freaking underwear!!!
UGH, grow up people!  

Oh sorry, sorry, focus Lynn focus..... 

Oh, and of course to top off my packing issues my daughter is trying to make me 
feel guilty about leaving her behind as well!  ;/

As if Mom's don't have enough guilt on them... I am sure we all have our own list of shoulda, coulda, woulda's.  I know I did my fair share of not putting enough sunscreen on the kids when they were three years old, and we spent 9 hours at the beach on a really HOT summers day. 
Hey, I paid for it to that night when we all stayed up crying and rubbing Aloe on 
their little red backs.   It was not a highlight of my mothering days, but they survived, 
and now its mommies turn to have some SPARKLY fun!

Anyhooo, GUILT!  Yes, she is trying very hard to make me feel guilty... 
I wondered why the suitcase was soooo heavy when I tried to 
move it to the bedroom tonight! UGH! 
Get out girl!  ha ha ha 

Actually, I really wish all my Corner girls could go with me to FL, so we could all visit Lisa, but Savanna has college, and Olivia has to work... :(  

Anyway,  I better get my butt in gear cause from the looks of things I am not get any where fast and my bed, my room, and my suitcase are still a MESS!
Keep the SPARKLE alive!!!

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