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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Adding to Our Twilight Corner, again!

I know I have said this before.  However, I will say it again, and I am completely
sure it wont be the last time I say this but...

I am addicted to collecting things!

I think I am more addicted to collecting than I am shopping or Twilight.  Although,
can you really blame a girl when there's cute stuff out there, aaaand all that cute stuff
always seems to remind me of Twilight?. =o)


Anywhoooo, what I'm trying to say is I found another great Etsy site.
Amy305  and she is very cool!!!
I love her stuff!

Amy is a lovely stay at home mom of 2 kids, and a very proud Army wife.  I am also
military wife, and love to support other military wives in their ventures.
Especially when they venture into
handmade goods!  Yay!

Anyway, as soon as I received my Twilight treasures I had to share them with you all because these items might be small, but they are cute and very practical!
Basically, share worthy!

I bought this really cool "shade" protector in order to store my very cool "shades",
so I can use them to  protect my very sensitive, and really cool Vamp eyes from the sun's
harmful rays.
Too much?

Alrighty then.  Moving on...  =o)

Whats really funny, is even the word sunglasses is considered CRAZY talk in these parts because I live in the Pacific Northwest where we are almost always covered in a blanket of grey clouds, so its not
 like I see much sunshine anyway, right?  *Wink wink*

At any rate, I am notorious for throwing my reeeeeally cool shades in my
purse --unprotected, and scratching the living crap out of them.
Grrr, hate that don't you?  

Besides no matter where a person lives you always need one good pair of shades that will
hopefully last a whole summer if nothing else.  This was the summer I wanted to try
to keep a pair of my own in decent shape, so started hunting for a cover that was cute worthy.  However, my hunting trips in the beginning turned up nothing of my liking.  Until one day I happen to stubble upon Etsy and
discovered Amy305.  

(Oh, and when I say stubble-upon Etsy... I really mean, I leisurely scroll to my Etsy Iphone
App while trying  to hold down my couch as I drool over all the wonderfully sparkly items
they have for sale.)

Nontheless, not only did I find a really cute cover for my really cool shades, [giggle] ok I
will stop it, but I also got a really cute make-up purse to boot!
Look, look very cute right?   =o)

Although, what I didn't expect was Amy305 tossed in these cute little magnets which
I am sure I was suppose to share with others, but they didn't go any farther than my daughter.
Hope that's sharing Amy?.. ha ha 

Plus Amy305 also sent us a couple Edward necklaces, and --well those went as far as, ME!  

They are all very well made and I love them all!!! 
Thanks Amy and don't worry I will be back for more.  So keep making those 
Twilight Treasurers for us ok... =o)
Nice work lady!

Click on Amy305 to find her Etsy page or check her out on facebook too!

Thanks for Keepin the SPARKLE alive Amy!!! 


  1. OMG! Thank you so much! This make me so happy! I am packed up and moving with my Army hubby right now! Look for my trailer with the Twilight sticker on it!! I hope to be up and sewing by June 10th! Ask me about my Vampire Teddy bear!
    Thank you again so much!

  2. Ok well Amy305 you had better tell us all more about Vampire Teddy Bears for sure!!! Are you done moving?? I need a Twilight inspired bag too!!! Hurry and make a TwiTon more goodies will ya!!! =o)