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Thursday, May 31, 2012

A Gift from Leah Clearwater....

I received a gift today from a fan of Our Twilight Corner, and I had to share it with you all!
Its too cute and I love it!

But who doesn't like getting gifts?  

I know I do.. =o)  

Anyway, I received this glass jar today which has all the Twilight book cover designs hand painted on it from Julie Black.  However, just so you know Julie sin't just an OTC fan.  She is also the the page owner and
 author of  The Stores of Leah Clearwater.  

If you have not been to her pages you must check it out...  
You see Julie started writing about Leah Clearwater back in June 2010, but didn't do much with it unfortunately until her mother passed away on September 13th, 2010.  
Yes, Bella Swans birthday.  Tough one if you are also a Twilight fan and Julie most defiantly is.

However, Julie has not let her mothers passing bring her down.  
She has channeled her energy into Leah's story and has dedicated it to her mother who always 
encouraged her to follower her dreams.  
Writing is just one of Julies dreams.

I encourage you all to check her web site and facebook page. Its very cool. =o)

Thanks again Julie for the thoughtful gift.  It looks great in Our Twilight Corner.  
However, I think I might fill it with some La Push sand.  Seems fitting don't you agree?

Thanks again for Keepin the SPARKLE alive!  

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