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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy SPARKLY 26th Birthday Robert Pattinson!


I think this is video AWESOMELY, cool and very touching to see all these fans show their love 
for the one and only RPattz!  

Very creative and great chose of music too! 

Are you in this video?  
If so leave a comment or two below.  =o)

I know I recognized a few facebook pages for sure! Yay! 
Good job all you sparkly TwiPeeps!

I hope Rob know how much he is loved and appreciated.  I am pretty sure he does though or he better know  right?!! ha ha 
I know all of us here at Our Twilight Corner wish Rob a wonderful Birthday, and we hope all his dreams come true this year and years to come. 

Thanks for keepin the SPARKLE alive Rob!!! =o)

Our Twilight Corner Love you too Rob!

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