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Saturday, June 16, 2012

More Twilight Love for Our Twilight Corner

I received a really cool gift in the mail the other day from a TwiFan, who is also a really AWESOME 
long distance TwiSister as well.  As soon as I saw what she sent me I knew I had share it with you all.    
Now she is part of OTC even though she lives on the East Coast.  
Love it!
I love it Darina!  Thank you, and very thoughtful too! 

I really love the tiny Robert Pattinson book!!!   Goes great with my Jacob one! =o) 
Whoop whoop.  
Looks fangtastic in OTC!  

However, I thoroughly LOVE the Twilight inspired hot/cold pack you made too!!!  Works great for my aching back... ha ha  =o)
If anyone would like to have one too then check out this link: Twilight Inspired Handcrafted Items for Sale cause I am sure my friend has plenty left!

Thanks again Darina for 
Keepin the SPARKLE alive!!! 

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