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Monday, August 13, 2012

Hunger Games Katniss Doll

This Katniss doll from Hunger Games is well really, GOOD!  

Up until Breaking Dawn part 1, when I bought the Edward and Bella wedding 
dolls, I haven't been in to any other dolls per say... However, this Katniss 
doll almost makes me want to order one and have in OTC..   

The attention to detail is soo good! 
This "Hunger Games Katniss doll wears a hooded jacket, top, and military-style pants
 inspired by the costume Katniss wore in the film. Included are bow, arrows, and 
quiver. Completing her look is the  iconic mockingjay pin."

Although, if you want to own one of these then get in line. Apparently she is 
on back order until 9.14.12 according to the Barbiecollector.com web site.  
But click on the link and check out the details for yourself... 
I am still thinking about ordering..... 

Decisions, decisions, decisions.. ;)

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