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Sunday, August 5, 2012

More TwiCute Items for my TwiGirl Cave!

I am not sure where I will hang these, but found them at Target the other day,
 and though they would be prefect in my TwiGirl cave!
Love the frames! 
I can so see photos of Edward and Bella in them... 
Or my kids.. Ya know, whatever... lol 

Chess piece hooks... 
Not really sure what I will hang on them, but I am sure I will find something.. Plus my 
TwiGirl cave is near the guest restroom, soooooooo I was thinking I might turn that room
 into a Twi room too!  If I do these little hooks will look fabulous in there... 
BUT shhhhhhh, 
don't tell my hubby... lol 

Hey, I am just keepin the SPARKLE alive is all!  

Stay tuned.... =o)

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