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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Twi-Lights ROCK! Tee hee

I have a couple cool new items for 

Do they ROCK or what?
I will probably move them around a bit since I have two OTC's now.  One is in my 
TwiGirl Cave and the other is in my hallway of my home... =o)  It will stay there until I 
die or until my kids move out and I can take over their old rooms for my TwiTreasures!  
Yeah my hubbers will L O V E that move! 
Oh well... If he can have a NASCAR room then I can have a TwiGirl Cave or caves! =o)

I love these and they look great in OTC, but......
I have some bad news... 

The place I purchased them from sold out of them, sooooooooooooooo here is the link to 
the site if you wanted to know but there gone... Sad day I know...Because I was gonna 
order another set myself, and that's how I found out there out.. UGH, sorry, but here is 
the site anyway.. 

If I find them again I will be sure to share!! 

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