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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Trampire!!! HA HA HA Love it!

This is funny!! 
I don't care who you are this is very funny! 
Will Ferrell is an AWESOMELY funny comedian, most of the time, 
and if you can't laugh at the humor in this then oh well..  

I love it!!! I wish I had thought of it first!  ha ha 

I mean I'd love to hang out with the Cullen boys, and get to "know" them a little bit
 more if you know what I mean!  *wink wink* Which I am sure would make me a 
Trampire for sure!  
I am ok with that though, and I am sure most of you would be too!  =o)

I mean NO disrespect to Kristen or Robert!  I personally still DO NOT BELIEVE ALL 
THE RUMORS ABOUT THEM!!!   I just love the word Trampire period!

This would make a great t-shirt! 

I would have this made into a shirt as well I think!  ha ha

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