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Friday, November 9, 2012

SPARKLY Cup of Edward Anyone???

My TwiHunting paid off tonight!!

F.Y.E is having a buy one get one free on all there cups/mugs, well at least the one in Salem, Oregon is, and YES the Breaking Dawn Pt2 mugs are part of that!!!
Click here to purchase one of your own! 
  Hurry while supplies last!!!  
I truly adore the ones I bought.  Edward on one side the Cullen crest on the other.. My mornings just got a little more SPARKLY if you ask me!!  
Oh and here is the BEST part.. I only paid $7.99 for one mug! Yeah, so if you have an F.Y.E near you I suggest you go check them out, and soon!  
Plus, the owner of my store told me MORE TwiTreasures are coming to F.Y.E, --and soon! 

Keep the SPARKLE alive!!! 

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