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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Over The Top with Twilight? Naaaaaa!

My hubby says I have officially gone over the top with Twilight, but I still don't think so... I mean I don't have a Twilight tattoo, we haven't moved to Forks yet, and our last name still is not Cullen.
Sooo, over the top? Naaaaaaa!
Besides, who's to say what "over the top is anyway"?
I sure as heck wont be the judge on that one... tee hee 

Anyhoo, now my SPARKLY car is complete!
Everyone will know what team I'm on when they see me drivin like a "Cullen" around my hood! 

Oh and I must throw a BIG, HUGE thank you to Lynsey Cullen from the UK.  Lynsey is a fangtatic, TwiFan from my facebook page, Our Twilight Corner, and she gave me the idea of spelling Twilight this way.  You see the state of Oregon will only allow 6 letters or spaces.. 
UGH, that was heartbreaking when I found that out.. However, I think this works fabulously! And for that I thank you Lynsey!!! 
It's PERFECT! =o)

I've even TwiBlinged the inside out a bit as well! 
Eeeek, I love it!

Yes, we even have car Twi Tatts!! kekeke

The Cullen crest is my fav, but I had to have the Wolf Pack tattoo on there as well! 
Its a must for any Twicar dontcha know... ha ha 

I know what you are thinking, "But its NOT a Volvo?!"  
Yes, I realize that!  

However, its the closest thing I could afford right now.  *Sigh*, someday though... Besides I love how its bright and very SPARKLY in this gray, cold and sometimes really "damp" Pacific Northwest I call home.
Don't worry I'll get my Volvo C30 someday!! Its my dream car, but for now I will accessorize my little SPARKLY mobile until that day comes! 

ALTHOUGH, --doesn't it look GOOD next to my friends shiny ride?  Tee hee... 
Yes I am very jelly of her... 
However, she even said Edward Cullen would be very proud of my SPARKLY mobile, and I tend to agree with her too! 
Anyhoo, just sharing my happy news with you and remember...
Always keep the SPARKLE alive!!! 

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