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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Twi Treasurer Finds!

I need a new hobby I think!   
Ha ha ha, this TwiTreasurer hunting is going to get me in trouble!! Oh well!! ;) 

So I found the Breaking Dawn Pt2 travel mug today, and while I was at Wally World I also picked up a new bath set. lol   No really, keep reading its cute!  ;)

I couldn't help it.  It's very TwiCute, if I do say so myself. 
However, my main goal when I ventured out this morning wasn't to get the travel mug.  It was to get the free BD2 poster Hot Topic was offering its customers if you spent $25.00 or more at the store.  "Wellllllll, no problem," I said to myself. Before grabbing my keys, and fly out the door.. lol 

I found a ton of stuff at Hot Topic I had NOT bought already.  You see sometimes I do waited for the free item to be announced.  Plus I had 15% off as well, so that makes TwiTreasure hunting even sweeter than it already is.. SALES! Yay!! Free stuff! Double Yay!!! 

So anyway, the poster looks AMAZING! 
Edward blanket on the other hand... Not so much, but I have them all, so of course I had to get this one as well!  (Okay, I don't have them ALL. I just have one from each movie is all)  I am however, very disappointed once again with all the BD2 items.. *Sigh*... there is hardly anything with just Bella on it, and Jacob is become existent as well.. 
Pooh, on you Summit!!! Or LionsGate, or whoever made these really BAD marketing decisions! 

However, as you can see the BD2 poster Hot Topic gave me is not a very large which is nice if you are like me and running out space.  I feel my "Corners" will turn in to more and more rooms!  Oh, and dontcha just love my Twilight book cover poster too?  Ekkkkk, I know I do!  I just got it a few weeks ago, and framed it today.  Not really sure where I will hang it up at because not only are my "Corners" filling up fast, but so are all my wall spaces as well... 
I need to let my Honey know, "Oppsy, I think we need a TwiHouse now"... Yeah, like that will fly with him.. ha ha 

Anyway, the poster is not only very compact, but its a bit 3D-ish.  Not sure if you can see how the Volturi are raised up a bit off the page, but they are which makes it an unusual poster and b/c of that I like it a lot!  
I think you will too!  =o)

Although, here is the real reason I went TwiHunting today!  Yep, went to Target as well, and picked up two of the BD2 ornaments they have out..  I love them, but they are HUGE suckers!  They are probably about 4 X 5 or 6.. Yeah, they are not tiny by any means.. Plus these babies open up, so you can hide all kinds of TwiTreats in them!! Neat eh?  =o)
Bella and Edward on one side and Jacob on the other.. Of course! 
I do wish they had put Renesmee on there as well, but oh well..

I have not bought this baby yet, but its on my wish list! 
I LOVE the Cullen Crest and would adore looking at it over my fire place, but I have a feeling the hubby would really flip out on me then.. tee hee 
Oh well, if he can have his man-cave filled with NASCAR stuff, then I can have my Twi-Girl Cave, filled with all kinds of SPARKLY things too right?  Right! 
 Keep the SPARKLE alive!! 

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