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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Pre-Order Breaking Dawn Part 1: Extended Version NOW

If you want Breaking Dawn P1 extended version then clink this link right now: Amazon 
Personal I might wait a bit on this.  
However, I am Twicurious as to what if anything will be on the inside of the DVD case or the DVD's themselves, but that is not enough to make me buy this right now.  Simply because, as much as I love keep'in the SPARKLE alive, I am very disappointed that there will only be 8 minuets of deleted scenes WHICH  I am sure we will ALL be able to view on YouTube soon enough.. 
Soooooo, buying this one right now I am sure Alice can safely say will be a no for me, but I will cross my fingers for all this plus much more to be included on a box set in our near and very dear TwiFuture! ;)

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