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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Found the Breaking Dawn P2 Valentines Day Tin!

Look what I discovered while I was TwiHunting on Saturday!!
Looks great in Our Twilight Corner!  
I really want to open it, BUT not so sure about that right now.. 
Maybe if I find another one, then I'll sink my fangs into those tasty little TwiGummy Bears!  But for now I will just admire it in OTC... ;)
This SPARKLY creature was very allusive to find, but thanks to a tip from a TwiFan I tracked this SPARKLY baby down at a drug store named Rite Aide  
in Keizer, Oregon.. 
I am sure Wal-Mart will get them soon too, but it was not soon enough for me! lol 

Not sure if this helps anyone, but here is a photo of the UPC code as well...  That way if  any of you want to try to TwiHunt for it on line you can. 

Happy hunting and always keep the SPARKLE  alive! 

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