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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Mattel Barbie Collector The Twilight Saga: Rosalie, Emmett & even Jasper doll's on SALE NOW!

If you don't own them yet now is the time to buy! OHMYGOSH, I cannot believe how inexpensive they are now! Well SOME of them are reasonably priced that is.. SOME are not! Damn you Alice Cullen! LOL 

Buy Rosalie now for only $7.69 at Amazon!
Love Rose!
Emmett is at an enormously low price of $7.45 at Amazon too! 
Love this Monkey Man too! ;)
Even Jasper has come down in price as well. Get him at Amazon for only $10.69 or they have all three dolls for $25.83! How can you beat these prices?  If nothing else now is your chance to get a second set of dolls to take out of their boxes to play with them.. tee hee Yes I said "play" with.. We all know that Pocket Edward isn't the only one who goes on adventures with us TwiHards! :)

Now if only the elusive Alice Cullen could come down in price a wee bit.. But she does have a ravishing apatite for costly fashions, so it does not surprise me Alice does not go cheap willingly!
Alice is still a monstrous, $199.95 at Amazon and even on Ebay I cannot seem to find her for less than that as well. Thankfully I have her, but I wouldn't mind another one just in case; if you know what I mean.. 

Anyhoooo, good luck, and happy Twihunting these days no matter what you are Twi searching for these days! I say never give up because someday you might find what you are looking for and at the right price too!

Have fun!


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