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Saturday, March 15, 2014

Music from The Twilight Saga

OHMYGOSH it's been FOREVER since I have blog anything!!! I apologize for that, but I am sure some of you don't care, LOL, so its all good.  However, blogger was giving me grief about making some changes to my site, and the more I tired to make changes the more frustrated I became with technology and how it is suppose to make our lives SOOOOO much easier, HA!. 
Anyway, it wasn't making my life easier at all, so I walked away from it all for a very, very, VERY long time and for that I do apologize...   

Anyhoooooo, I was finally able to get back into my web site, make some changes, a few adjustments here and there, and now I am hoping to share my Twifinds, Twitreasures and Twiadventures with you all again, every now and then. :)

With that being said, LOOK what I finally purchased a few days ago, well weeks, --ok months ago, but again I was locked out of my web site by the technology Gremlins, so lets not worry about when and just look at the now of it all! 

 Because, eeeeekkk, I love this soundtrack!!!
As soon as I saw it I had to add to Our Twilight Corner!  
I do have all of the soundtracks and scores, like I am sure all of you do as well to the Twilight Saga, but I adore having all four movies in one CD, and I am a very dedicated fan as well so it was most definitely a MUST have!
Sooooo if you worship the scores to the Twilight movies like I do, then you will thoroughly and most definitely, will want to add this to your Twilight collect as well!
Want one? Buy it here: Amazon


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