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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Boxes? Presents? A Twilighters Dream Surprise....

On Monday I had two very large boxes show up at my door.  Exciting stuff!  PRESENTS!!!  I wonder who could have sent them to me and I wonder what could be in them???
Well I kind of did know I was getting something in the mail because last week my Twi-BFF told me she had shipped my birthday presents to me, but they were "just because" presents and nothing special.  HA! 
Yeah right, nothing special!
These boxes were huge and for the life of me I could not figure out, before opening them, what she could have possible sent me. However, trust me when I say, "she shouldn't have!" 
Unfortunately, I didn't think before opening the first box, and a few of those damn styrofoam packing peanuts were able to escape my grasp before I could see what was in box number 1.  I had to battle the static electricity space invaders which were sticking to everything, including our dog.  Who managed to not only have them stuck to his entire furry body, but who I had to chase around the house with one sticking out of his mouth because he thought it was a little marshmallow treat for his tiny, little pleasure. Ugh, can we say dogie ER if he had got that thing stuck in his throat!
Anyway, with the unhealthy pseudo dog treat pulled safely from our 8 pound wanna be wolf pup, I was able to go back to retrieving my presents from there nice and tight shipping cocoons they were so loving wrapped in.  However, I soon realized these were were no ordinary gifts.  The items I had received were from Lisa's dream.....Twilighters Dream to be precise!  =)

My Twi-BFF, Lisa!
Yes my Twi-BFF is Lisa who lives in Florida, and she sent me her Bella Birthday Cake and her New Moon Tulips which she hand made for her New Moon party in 2009.  I am pretty sure my mouth dropped when I saw them for two reasons. One, I cannot believe she parted with them to begin with and two, the cake is huge, but in a good way.  Its beautiful and the details are amazing.  Lisa knows how to throw a party when someone puts that much time, effort and detail into making a party cake you can't eat.   I feel very honored to have received these as gifts!  I am very touched because we started out as two complete strangers who were "Twi-texting Pals" first, and even though we have NEVER met each other we can completely call each other very good friends now, no great Twilight BFF's for sure!
A little piece of Twilighters Dream is now in Our Twilight Corner
You most defiantly should check out Lisa's blog because she has details on how to make your own Bella cake and New Moon tulips for a Twilight party or any party for that matter your friends and family will never forget! 
These gifts are fantastic and will look awesome in Our Twilight Corner for sure.  However, I think I am going to need a way bigger Corner because I don't think the cake will fit. :/  lol

That's ok I am working on an Our Twilight Room, but shhhh don't tell my honey.  I wish I could have showed you his face when he walked in and saw the Bella cake on the counter... Ha ha    It was priceless for sure.  Priceless I tell ya, priceless!

Lisa THANK YOU SOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH FOR MY GIFTS!!!  They were a complete surprise and I completely love them!!!  I cannot wait to meet you in person, so we can have our very own Epic Twilight adventure! =)

I have more photo's post in Our Twilight Corner facebook page if you want to see them.  =)

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  1. You are MOST welcome!!!! I am so happy that you like them!!! I throughly enjoyed reading this story!! I am so glad that Cin-o-Man didn't eat the peanuts!! HAHA I can't wait to meet you too and playing in Our Twilight ROOM!!! :)