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Sunday, July 17, 2011

My Big Twilight Birthday Bash!

Happy Birthday to me in deed!  I can't tell you enough how much fun I had!  First off I need to thank my fantastic daughter for all her big time help! She was amazingly helpful when it came to all the decorating, prep work and cleaning up!  Savanna, Thank you! You are my "Alice Cullen!" =)  
Anywhoo, I have not had a birthday party in years. For one I hate them for myself, and two well, I hate them for myself... Ha ha  However, I am very thankful to have one each year though, but this year was different.  This year I turned, uh, oh, ummmm "29" again so it was time to have a party.  And a party any Twigirl could and would be proud of. 
All I can say is it was fantastic!!!  I loved my theme I picked, like it was hard for me to chose one, and I love how my friends came out to party with me no matter what the theme was!  Thanks guys you all ROCK!
My cake was amazing as well and I hated to cut into it.. However, it was very, very yummy!Thanks Krystina @ SugarBakersLLC

Also, thanks to Lisa @Twilighters Dream for all her great party ideas!!!!  It was great too because we called Lisa in FL and Skyped for a while with her. It was ALMOST like she was there with us ready to get Twilight wasted!  =)

I may not do another birthday party again for many, many years, but that's ok... This was one party that has given me a life time of fun memories!  I wouldn't have changed a thing!
I have more pictures posted on my facebook page Our Twilight Corner!

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  1. OME!! I love it!!! All the pictures on your blog are great. Everything looked fantastic. I can't wait to hop over to Facebook and check out the other pictures!!! :)