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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Our Visit to The View Point Inn ~ After the Fire

The day after my Epic Twilight Birthday party my daughter and I took a somber, very wet, and dreary drive to see the damage the fire caused to The View Point Inn ourselves.  
If you didn't already know, recently TVPI tragically caught fire and burn beyond the current owners repair on 7.10.2011. 
Photo Source: Oregonlive.com
It deeply saddens me for a few reasons to see this once beautiful building in such a tragic state.  I wish I could buy the Inn myself to help keep its magic alive, but that's not gonna happen any time soon.
Our Twilight Corner 2010
I would like to say my heart truly does go out to all the brides and grooms who had planned to bind their love in marriage at this fantastic place.  I won’t and can’t get into how a feel about your loss because my opinion on this will not change nor matter one bit to any of you.  You are without a wedding location and a large deposit no matter what anyone says.
Photo Source: Oregonlive.com

What I personally do feel strongly about is the fact that the Inn should be saved if not by the current owners, but at least by someone!   I know the current owners have a pay pal account set up to take donations to help fix TVPI if you would like to do donate. 
Photo Source: Oregonlive.com
Just so you know, the owners have filed chapter 7 bankruptcy and its possible any donations MIGHT be sized by the courts.  I am not sure how I feel about any of this to tell you the truth.  I really want to continue to support, and donate to TVPI, but part of me feels like it might not go to the Inn directly.  However, part of me does not care where my money goes as long as the Inn eventually gets rebuilt.  I guess the real question is when and if it gets rebuilt?   I don’t want to judge and finger point because we all have had financial issues at some point in our lives.  No one is perfect!   
I don’t care what I have read on line or in any of the Facebook site about TVPI and its current owners either; it’s all hear-say to me.  I am going to believe the owners never meant for any of this to happen.  How or why would they?  I can only move on and live I guess in a fantasy land, as some would say, hoping someone, anyone will step in and make things right again.   So donate, or don’t.  Fundraise or not.   It truly is a personal choice to each of us who love TVPI and the magic it has offered us all in some form or another.

Here is a video of our visit to The View Point Inn plus some bounce photos. =)
I have also posted more photo's we took from out trip on our Facebook page Our Twilight Corner if you would like to see them. 

If you would like to, please visit US Bank to find a branch near you in order to make a donation to save TVPI.  The account is under "Save The View Point Inn" or go on line to The View Point Inn and donate to their Pay Pal account.

Thank You!

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