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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Finding Twilight.... or close to it...

Recently some friends of mine and I went on a Twilight Adventure together to the beautiful, mysterious and ever so famous Oxbow Park.  
You know, Oxbow Park right? 

Its the place where they filmed the “Say it out loud” scene from Twilight  because Bella knows Edwards a vampire.  Eeeek.. Yay! We had a blast!
Source: Summit Entertainment
Oh, by the way friends who came with me that day if you are reading this... Umm, SURPRISE you went on a Twilight adventure with me! =)  As if any of you were clueless as to why I picked that spot to go hiking.  Yeah, right!  Like I had any of them fooled anyway!  Haha 

I am pretty sure some of them knew what "Our Twilight Corner" was up to that day.  However, we all have a few comment bonds and that is to always try to have fun, stay fit and enjoy a beautiful day in the Pacific Northwest; so off we went.

Well we had our hiking shoes on, maps, water and friends what more could you ask for?  Well besides a Cullen popping out of the woods.  Now that would have been AMAZING!  But lets not live in dream land all the time shall we people... =0)

Anywhoo, we wonder around for a few miles and hours in the park not only seeing Twilight spots at every turn, but having a fangtastic time seeing all the things these woods have to offer. 
If you get a chance you must go!  It is a fee park so make sure you check them out before going... Oxbow Park Oreogn

Well as you can see our little Olivia was honing in on her inner Vampire as soon as we came to "The Spot" where Edward said, "SAY IT OUT LOUD"!  It was awesome though and so much fun to be in this spot, this park with all my friends!

Once Olivia got started though we couldn't stop her from wanting the taste of blood... ha ha
Maybe because we still could feel the essence of Edward all around us.  Or maybe because its just fun to live in Twilight land.  Who knows, but I can tell you this it was fangtastic to roam around in the "same" woods as the Cullen's. lol   Well you know what I mean... =0)

Oh how sweet even the animals in Oxbow park have a team picked..  
I wonder how he got that tattoo...   ;)   
Every where we turned and on every path we saw more and more Twilight.

We even climbed up a mountain, out of a cloud bank to find even more Twilight.  Oh Look even a meadow... =0)

Yes its true at the top of this hill we hiked up we found a meadow.   Now how much more Twilight can one hike, one day truly get? ha ha  

All in all, we had a blast not only finding Twilight in Our Corner of the world, but to be able to hang out and just enjoy ourselves with the friends and family we love and care for so much.  And after all isn't that one thing Twilight is all about?  =0)

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