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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Sneaking a little Twilight into my WORLD!

As you may know by now Our Twilight Corner crew is busy getting ready to head off to Sparkleville, AKA, Forks, Washington for Stephenie Meyer Days.   We or I, I should say, are not leaving nothing untouched when it comes to getting our sparkle on. 

I recently visited my local nail salon, Le's Nails in Keizer, Oregon and asked them to give me some sparkly Twilight nails.  Weeeelllll let me tell you that was the hardest thing I have had to explain in a long time.  Not only do we have a small language barrier because I do not speak Filipino, but my very skillful nail technician has NEVER heard of Twilight! *GASP*  I know! SHOCKER!!! (Not really, but ya know.)  =0)

Right then and there, I felt it was my duty as a true Twiligher to attempt to educate her in the ways of the Twi, but sadly it was really going now where.  She was clueless and I am sure she thought I was completely NUTS! 

However, givin that it's a nail salon we both, my wonderful nail stylist and I, understand the ways of the SPARKLE and not only did we achieve our goal, but surpassed it I feel when it came to decorating my nails out for SMD's!

Now you might think my nails are not Twi enough, but I feel she did a great job at BLINGING them out and has added a enough spark, shine and whimsicalness to them that any true Twilighter, once they lay their eyes on them, will completely understand what statement, what declaration, what tribute, so to speak, I was trying to make and how all of us keep a little piece of Twilight not only close to our hearts, but showing for the rest of the world to see whether the world can spot it or not.   =0)

So How do you sneak a little Twilight into your world?

What do you think of them?

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  1. Lynn, your nails are beautiful!!
    xoxo Angie

  2. Thanks Angie it was fun to have them done! See you soon!