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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Another Edwards, in my Corner...

Now, I totallllllly have to get a room for me and my Edward! (I wish!) HA HA -Ok, Let me explain... ;).

I received another Twilight gift today from a co-worker, friend of mine who is Twi-curious, but won't admit it, and well -can I just say, "love it!!!" Although, once again its sooooo not fitting in my Corner at all! However, what is great about this large, soft, and very silky hanging screen print is, its of Twilight Edward which is my fav!!! HOLA! :0)
Luck-a-lee, I do have some wall space near my Corner which I was saving for a rainy day, and well it's raining; so up it goes!

Oh but, Shhhhh, don't tell my man-ok. He has no clue yet, that I'm gonna start taking over our office, well hell, the whole house if need be; for all my Twilight keepsake, treasures. :0) Lol, its pay back for years of living in a NASCAR world.


  1. Hahaha Lol! I love it! That Edward Pic is what my first Twilight Blanket is of! :D

  2. YAY!!! That's awesome! Edward will look great on the side wall next to the SMD Group Photos OR in the Office with the cake. I say do it!! EXPAND!! hehe I'll have a little more Twilight near me downstairs next year. :)