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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Thank you HOTD!

Bella's birthday was good to me, and I didn't even know it! So last month I entered a Bella's birthday celebration contest through this Facebook page, "I have Highly Obssessive Twilight Disorder (HOTD) and I am proud of it" and well, I won. Go figure! :0)
Thanks (HOTD), I just received my prizes, and love them!!!!

The save the date magnet is awesome!

Love this BD1 Jacob pin, and well sense my daughter is Team Jacob; that's actually gone from Our Corner now. She actually stolen it, aka borrowed it I mean. Lol

The book marker is AWESOME! This is the one thing that really won't make it to Our Corner because I'll be using it for sure!

As always the Twilight journals will be loved, appreciated and used very well too!

Oh, not to mention I was very, very, super, duper excited to receive the trading cards!!!! Not sure if I will open those though.
Anyway, Thanks again! :0) Everything was too much and completely over the top. You made this Twifan a very happy camper and I highly appreciate the fact that you took the time to hold this event, Facebook or not, and mail out the prizes to me! All the items will look very good and completely at home in Our Twilight Corner!

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