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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Day 33 and I finally got my TGN2!

Well I woke up this morning and found another package waiting for me on the counter. YAY! (this is really becoming a bad habit now isn't it; Internet shopping?)

Ha ha, but hay we only have 33 more days to go until BD1 gets here!  If they would just sell more BD1 souvenirs in the local stores near me I wouldn't be this bad.
Anyway, its gonna be a great day because after I grabbed my cup of Joe and started to open my mail, guess what I found? Yes, I finally received my Twilight Graphic Novel 2, and It's awesome!  I love it!
First order of business this morning was to not only relax and drink my cup of coffee while reading my TGN2, but I went to my Corner book shelf, grabbed the first TGN, and read them both together in one sitting as it should be done. :0)
Bella and Edward together again in their meadow! *sigh*, I love it!

My daughter and I are really, really, really hoping they make all the Twilight Saga books in to graphics novels! We just love the art and adaptation by Young Kim, and feel all the books would look spectacular graphically done. Maybe, someday eh? :0)

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