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Saturday, October 15, 2011


WE GOT OUR BD1 IMMORTAL TWILIGHT PERFUME TODAY!!! (I know my Internet shopping is out of control when it comes to Twilight!!!). Oh well!!
Anyway, I completely love the smell of this perfume and considering I bought it without smelling it first, its a good thing I love it.
Savanna, my daughter on the other hand, is not so sold on it as you can see by the funny look on her face!
Anyway, I love how it has a very light sweet smell to it because I hate perfume with a heavy musk smell to them. Those kind remind me of an old closet or something a really old crazy women wears.
Anyway, we both couldn't put our fingers on what it does smell like until Savanna said it smells like grandpa. Ha ha No wait let me explain!  What Savanna meant was my dad is a wine drinker and he always has a very sweet fruity smell to him. I or we think this analogy is very cute.
However, if I had to tell you what the Twilight Breaking Dawn Immortal perfume smells like I would have to say,"a very light, sweet red wine. It has the kind of smell that feels like Edward or Carlisle are wrapping their strong arms around me!" Not an old man! Haha.

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