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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

No Twilight Graphic Novel 2 yet, BUT.....

Kind of sad this evening.... 

So sense I ordered the Twilight Graphic Novel 2 (TGN2) on line, I didn't have the bloody thing waiting for me in my mail box when I got home from work today!  :(. *tear tear*
However, we did have a package waiting for us on the counter and we love waiting packages even-though my husband doesn't.  Although, we wont even go there because for over 20 years I have humored him in his dedication to NASCAR and well that's a whole another blog, so I will leave it at that for now....  ;/
Anyway, we may not have received the TGN2, but we did get two fabulous t-shirts which I picked up on clearance for my fantastic daughter and, annnnnnnd, the Collector's edition of the Twilight book as well!!! Yay, HOLA!!!
It's beautiful! :0) Just love it!

I have never seen one up close in order touch it and feel its smooth, rough pages before; Its AWESOME!  Now I can't wait to get them all after cradling this little baby in my arms tonight!

Oh well, even though I didn't get the TGN2, today this will totally pacify me over until it comes to me on Thursday. :0)

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