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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Our Twilight Corner shopping trip

We set out this morning to get some poster frames for the, 12 Twilight, movie posters I bought off the internet a few weeks ago, in an attempt to hang at least two of them in our down stairs office.  Yes, 12 or was it 15.  Don't ask why so many... its a Twilight thing ya know.  I was weak and they were on sale!  
Anyhooo, our office is getting ReVamped into "Our Twilight Room"... Husband does NOT know this yet, but he is camping this weekend, so I thought I would take this opportunity to get in our office in order to clean, toss out unwanted items, and claim my Twilight Room before he got home and had a chance to stop me... Like he could anyway..... ha ha 
Well I found and bought these two frames for the extremely high price of $9.98 each.  Not pleased with the quality, just so you know, at all.  However, I am sure if Wal-mart was selling them for this price then that's about as good as deal as I will ever get anywhere in our town. *sigh* so I bought two just to get me started... I should have paid a little more and bought real frames, but whatever.... 
In our quest of Twilight room treasures today we made the mistake of walking into a Hallmark store and finding all kind of Twilight cards that we either did not have, or had not seen before... We can't stay focused on one thing I swear!  Room will have to wait now because we started to play.  ha ha 
Like the card says, "Whats NOT to love?"   Not sure why the rest of the world doesn't, but we sure do!
Then my daughter found these little cuties while my back was turned to her she said, "Mommy take me to the L.A. Premier of Twilight."  As I turned around she was holding these.  Last ones on the shelf.  Hmmm, was this a sign or what.  
I wish we could go, but sadly not enough money in wallet to get us out of this mall any more even... Oh well, we will have TV and facebook to catch us up on all the photos and Stars who will be there.  Plus we know some facebook and Twitter friends who are going, and they have all said they will make sure to rub it in, I mean share, with us all their photos and adventures while in L.A. for the premier  ;/  Yeah, I know not the same...  
Ok, I had to share this pillow because its just darling.  We found it at Kohl's for like $10 bucks.  The belt moves for the count down to Christmas.  If you love Christmas and all things black, red and white I highly suggest you add this to your next shopping list.  =0)  After all Christmas is only 63 days away now.  
Umm, well ok now as you can see my daughter is Team Jacob, and I think the sales lady just about had a coronary when she saw Sav's lips get near this card.  Ha ha   I wish I could have takin a pic of her face.  It was classic!  
We had a great time.  Did not find anymore shelves or frames for Our Twilight soon to be room while we were out, and about.   But having fun with my daughter was truely the most important thing any mom could have done on a Saturday afternoon.  Our Twilight room will always be there waiting for me to finish it.  She will not.  =0) 

PS- We made to Hot Topic too and got more Breaking Dawn treasures as well... but I will share them on another post.. ok  =0)

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