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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Save the date...

Found this cute little thing while out with my daughter today.  Its a count down to Christmas tree with a Snowman. You can take the little dry marker pen, and put the number in the blank spot in order to keep track of the count down to Christmas.  
Kind of sounds familial right now doesn't it?  Keeping track of the number of days to go until we get to the one day we really, really can't wait for any longer... Yeah, you know what I am talkin about....  
Anyway, we love Snowman and we love Christmas, but what we love the most right now is counting down to BREAKING DAWN Part 1!!!!  So we kind of changed things up a bit until we get past 11.18.11.
As you can see we crossed out Christmas and wrote in Breaking Dawn.  =0)   We love it and my daughter says we need to leave it up all year....  I just said, "OKay!"  Besides there will be Christmas in Breaking Dawn part 2.  =0)

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